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In A Nutshell (Minimum Requirements to Start Tracking Downtime and Creating Reports)

Database Setup

  • Create production areas, machine types, and machine names. (express setup->select or enter)
  • Create downtime categories and associate with machine types. (express setup->select or enter)
  • Create shifts.

Collect Data per Shift

  • Print downtime collection form to help collect downtime data or create your own method of collecting data.
  • If work order tracking is enabled (Setup -> Advance Setup -> Machine Configuration).
    • Enter work order information.
      • Enter work order number.
      • Enter product number.
      • Enter net units (good parts produced).
      • Enter reject units.
  • Enter downtime data
    • Select downtime category (created earlier in DB setup).
    • Enter downtime in minutes (cannot exceed shift total time).
    • Enter Cause of downtime.
    • Enter corrective action.
    • Enter corrected by.
  • Select and print reports, then reap the rewards of knowledge to improve the efficiency of your facility.