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We Have The Solutions to Help Reduce Your Downtime

Our Solutions

DowntimeDB provides a downtime tracking solution that you can use for as long as you need. You can use it for a 1 month project or as part of your daily operations. We maintain your data securely online 24/7 with access from anywhere with an internet connection.

DowntimeDB is the perfect tracking tool for companies with limited funds for software or limited programmers to develop and maintain an in-house solution. The only IT requirement is to provide an internet connection within your facility.

DowntimeDB Rates

Tracking Options

We offer two levels of performance tracking.

Downtime Tracking:

Downtime events are tracked by equipment, downtime category, downtime minutes, cause, corrective action, and corrected by.

Work Order Tracking:

Work order events are tracked by Units Produced, Rejects, Work Order Number, and Product Number to enable more detailed reports and analysis including OEE charts and reports.

Minimum Requirements In A Nutshell


If you use our internet based application,
we provide all upgrades and maintenance to your database.

We can also help you design and program a custom database.

Contact Us if you have any questions.