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Downtime Tracking


Tracking downtime is important to you and your facilities productivity depends on equipment performance. Our software can help you understand the causes and impact of equipment downtime and the true cost of that downtime.


Don't hassle with expensive hardware connections. We offer a way to quantify equipment downtime with our downtime tracking system and provide a means to track downtime from anywhere with a PC and an internet connection.


If you are presently using Excel to collect, compile and create charts here is your solution to capture and review data from anywhere in the world.

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Who Are We?

We have 50+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We have installed and implemented many expense downtime tracking systems where data was not presented well and managers and operators found them unable to evaluate the data and eventually the system became a boat anchor.

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The best way to quantify equipment downtime is through a downtime tracking system. DowntimeDB provides a means to track downtime from anywhere with a PC, smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. And the best part is you will not need to purchase expensive equipment to connect or install on your equipment.


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Improving productivity is a critical component of any organization's strategy. The ability to supply more products or services without increasing your fixed costs (Lean Manufacturing) is the only way to remain competitive.

DowntimeDB creates standard reports and charts for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time periods. Along with tracking your downtime information DowntimeDB includes tracking work order information thus providing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) charts and reports.

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Some of our newest features

  • Software developed using the newest web technology available.

  • Chart reports that do not depend on Adobe Flash or Java.

  • Create PDF reports and export data to Excel®.

  • Mobile friendly.

  • A better user interface to use from anywhere in your facility.


DowntimeDB offers an efficient downtime tracking system.

  • Easy access from the Internet.

  • Automatic software updates. No need to hire consultants or costly programmers.

  • Ability to request customized reports to fit your needs.

  • Easy start: Free downtime tracking for 50 machines.

  • Additional Benefits...


DowntimeDB tracks downtime and gives the opportunity to take action to reduce it.

  • The reductions in downtime combined with the time saved from automatically generating reports will pay for the investment in the software.

  • Estimate the cost of your downtime with our DowntimeDB Cost Calculator.