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About downtime tracking

Setting up your downtime database

On-line Recommended Links

business industrial network
  • Business Industrial Network:

    Eliminates unnecessary equipment downtime by providing online engineering and maintenance technical support. Use Problem / Solution database to find an answer to maintenance issues and their solutions. Live online support for industrial maintenance. Justify maintenance cost with our machine downtime survey, and other resources.
  • Definition of OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    The overall performance of a single piece of equipment or even an entire factory, will always be governed by the cumulative impact of the three OEE factors: Availability, Performance Rate and Quality Rate.

  • Plant Maintenance Resource Center:

    The Plant Maintenance Resource Center is the premier web resource for industrial Maintenance professionals. It includes links to maintenance consultants, CMMS and maintenance software, CMMS vendors, maintenance conferences and conference papers, articles on maintenance, and many other valuable resources.