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Why Improve Machine Uptime

Manufacturing Improvements

Many organizations neglect or forget one of the key elements for success: Machine Uptime. By paying attention to machines and the reasons they stop we gain an understanding of our weaknesses.
This understanding can lead to operator training, machine functionality improvements, and better preventive maintenance, thus, improving our manufacturing processes and our organization's financial performance.
The only way to achieve this understanding is to develop an information system that can help you track each downtime event.
Tracking each downtime event allows managers or supervisors to graph machine performance, evaluate total downtime per shift, per product number, and downtime per operator.
Finally, you can start a continuous improvement process involving your machine operators, production supervisors, shift managers, mechanics, and engineers.

Continuous Improvement Process

A Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is the key for organizational change. Every CIP needs an efficient way to assess the improvements and track performance. Without performance tracking, any initiative for change will lose strength and the people involved may lose motivation to continue the CIP.
DowntimeDB can assist you by providing you the tool needed to track performance and improve you manufacturing operation.