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What can DowntimeDB do for you?

  • Save time and money.

    By using a database to collect downtime and printing standardized reports, the whole organization saves time and money. Production supervisors do not have to spend time generating reports and manually searching old reports to answer questions about machine performance. Production managers do not have to call supervisors to find out what happened the day before; all the information is available through the Internet. Try our Downtime Cost Calculator to estimate how much can you save by using DowntimeDB.
  • Standardize your reports.

    By using the same downtime reporting system in all your manufacturing areas, it is possible to standardize the way downtime and machine performance is reported and analyzed in your organization.
  • Help you track performance of your manufacturing operations.

    DowntimeDB provides the data collection sheets, the interface to enter the data, and the reports needed to provide downtime and machine performance information to your organization.
    We recommend that the machine operators or production supervisors enter, every shift, their downtime information. After they enter the information, they can print the Shift Report. This report will show how they did during the shift.
    This report can be distributed to other employees/supervisors/managers interested in the performance of a manufacturing area.
  • Help you understand your main causes of downtime to make better decisions on capital investments.

    Our reports will help you pinpoint which downtime category causes the most downtime with our downtime by category report.
    It will let you review downtime by product, downtime by product and the machine used, and downtime by machine. Finally, if you provide cost information, it can help you calculate how much machine downtime costs your organization.
    With this cost information, you can make better decisions on capital investments to your existing machines. You will be able to assign resources to your biggest problems.
  • Graph machine performance to highlight the impact of operation improvements.

    Our database will allow you to create graphs of the number of units produced. With these graphs, you will be able to see the impact of your improvements over time. A manufacturing operation is constantly changing, a tool that shows if the changes are favorable is critical for financial success. Here is a sample of the graphs you can create.
    moving average
  • Start the transition of your operation from a reactive to a proactive operating mode.

    By understanding the main causes of downtime and the corrective actions, the operators and mechanics increase their equipment knowledge and are able to take a proactive approach to prevent downtime.
    Supervisors will have the data to determine which changes to the existing preventive maintenance programs (PM) can be beneficial.
  • Customize the reports, data collection forms and input screens to show your company's logo.

    Our report headings allow the use of your company's logo. Thus, when you print our reports to distribute within your organization, they will show your company's logo. Contact us for more information.
  • Request customized reports to satisfy your need for special information.

    Finally, if our general reports do not give you the level of detail you need, we will create custom reports for you. Depending on the complexity of the report requested, we might need to charge you an extra fee for the programming of the report.