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Guides for Downtime Tracking

This section lists several guides available that show some recommendations about how to set your database. We list them by industry type but feel free to take ideas from different industries or products.
If you have any suggestions please contact us by email.

Injection Molding Guide

This guide shows how your database can be created to track downtime events. It shows an approach to treat auxiliary equipment as part of the main machine (the press).


  • Conventional Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Liquid IM
  • Rubber IM

Machine Types

To group all presses and share the same downtime categories between all presses:
  • HIMM (Horizontal Injection Molding Machine)
  • VIMM (Vertical IMM)
To separate downtime categories between the type of press:
  • Electric Press
  • Hydraulic Press
  • LIM Press
To be able to separate downtime categories between press types and tonnage:
  • 310 Ton Hydraulic
  • 300 Ton Electric
  • 300 Ton Toggle

Machine Names

Use the common name for each press/machine in your production area
  • Press 1
  • Electra 1
  • 310 Press

Downtime Categories

Using a two name system will ensure that categories are more descriptive. The first name is the general category (Mold, Press, Operator, Aux Equip) while the second name is the detailed category.
  • Mold - Set up
  • Mold - Water leak
  • Mold - Cavity Repair
  • Press - Oil Leak
  • Press - PM
  • Oper - Meeting
  • Grind - Jam
  • Grind - PM
  • Plan - Not Scheduled