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Guides for Downtime Tracking

This section lists several guides available that show some recommendations about how to set your database. We list them by industry type but feel free to take ideas from different industries or products.
If you have any suggestions please contact us by email.

Filling Line Guide

This guide shows how your database can be created to track downtime events.


  • Bottle Prep
  • Wash
  • Fill-Cap
  • Pack

Machine Types

Machine types are general and apply to all areas:
  • Palletizer
  • Conveyor
  • Manual Filler
  • Automated Filler
  • Labler
  • Dryer
  • Case Former
  • Taper

Machine Names

Use the common name for each machine in your production area
  • Filler 1
  • Rotary Filler
  • Labler A
  • Dryer 1

Downtime Categories

Each machine type will have a specific set of downtime categories. The categories for machine type Automated Filler:
  • Solution - Not available
  • Operator - Meeting
  • Filler - Set up
  • Filler - Line Clearance
  • Filler - PM
  • Filler - Not Scheduled
  • Filler - Caps Jam
  • Filler - Low Fills